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Can I Do My Own Make-Up?

The simple answer is, yes, of course! There are many Youtube videos teaching you how to apply make up that is best for your eye shape, face shape, nose shape, lip shape – and plenty more tutorials from talented make-up artists giving their feedback on the best waterproof make up brands to use, and what kind of styles would look best. If you are going through with the DIY route, I would suggest you try out the products you’d like to use at least a month or two before your wedding, and practice, practice, practice!

An added layer of this is that you must also make sure that your bridesmaids (or groomsmaids) are able and willing to also put in the same amount of work to ensure they look great for your wedding photos as well. You would probably also ideally want to make sure their looks are cohesive with one another, so you may also want to invest in having a specific pallet or color for each of them.

One thing to also note is that while you may be great at doing your own make-up for every day, make-up for the camera is different, so I always advise my brides who are looking to do their own make-up to do their research, and make sure they test their make up with flash photography in multiple lightings, and even try wearing the make up look for as long as possible to test staying power.

Hiring a make-up artist can be expensive, especially as we add family members and bridal party into the mix, however, I personally almost always recommend my brides to steer away from doing their own make-up. Hiring a make-up artist is not just about the time and skill that they have, but also the experience, professionalism, and the products. Most make-up artists offer a trial, where they would be able to ensure the look they achieve is to your liking, and that the products used work well with your skin type, texture, and look that you are hoping to achieve. This in itself is going to go a long ways from having you take multiple trips to Sephora and requesting samples of products that may not work for you one way or another before buying the actual products.

And of course, it also takes the stress off of the bride in having to do her own make-up, or making sure that everyone in the bridal party has a cohesive look – a makeup artist (or team) would be able to mitigate those stressors and make sure you look beautiful from the inside out!

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