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Decorative Foods and Drinks

I know that most of us have been told to not play with our foods, but what if your food could not only taste good, but also look good and be a part of your decor?

The most popular way of doing this is with a charcuterie board and dessert table, but what about your drinks and cups? Liquor bottles come in all sizes, shapes, and color – finding something that matches your theme and aesthetic can actually help you save money on decor by killing two birds in one stone. You can even have cute little flasks as gifts for the bridal party to use as part of the rehearsal dinner, and have a matching set for the wedding couple to exchange first swigs at the Sweetheart table!

While foods and drinks are not supposed to be played with, they can definitely play a huge part of your decor, and if you trust your event decorator, they can make your event look and feel much more expensive than you are paying for!

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