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Wedding Cake Tips

Wedding cakes are usually a large (and expensive) focal point for wedding receptions, but how many people actually eat the cake? To be honest, not very many people actually eat the cake, but most couples are encouraged to spend an exceptional amount on the cake to feed all of the guests. **If your family is big on cake, there’s nothing wrong with that, but for many of us, the cake ends up taking up storage room in our freezer until it’s eventually thrown away.

A way to avoid this is to have fake cake layers, and having only one of the cake layers being a real cake. This allows for you to have cute cake-feeding photos, and those who want cake can have some, without breaking the bank.

Another tip? Make sure that you hire a cake cutter. It is another person to pay and tip, but it can actually save you a lot! Contrary to popular belief, cake, especially large cakes, are not meant to be cut into pie-shape slivers. A cake-cutter will be able to help you cut the cake so that it feeds however many people the cake is meant to serve.

Another great thing about having a cake cutter is after the cake is served, you can ask the cake cutter to slice up the rest of the cake and place them into small to-go boxes for guests to take home.

For our brides who are on a very tight budget, consider buying a plain white cake from the supermarket. You can decorate the cake by texturizing the cream and adding flowers. Please make sure that if you are using real flowers, you wash them well and use floral tape at the ends to avoid getting pesticide juices into your cake!

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